Full Day

40744AA2-3A60-49B3-986C-BDEB75A82959Sometimes, there’s just too much living to do, and writing falls by the wayside.  There are moose on the roadside and mountains to hike, babbling brooks to admire and sore muscles to nurse.  Old friends you haven’t seen in ages invite you for drinks on their bucolic porch, and egg you on to feature them in your post.  (That’s for you, Richard and Neely!) By the time you pull out your cellphone to write (because your MacBook pro is at the Apple store getting repaired), you are just too played out to think straight. So instead of writing, you have a second beer at dinner and call it a good day.   Because it was.1320BF06-01CD-4580-86F6-6BC66D14444D

5EB8C1C5-4B61-463C-8A9D-592BFD79CD7Cgratitude #30

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